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Our website address is: (alias

Our web site automatically collect a minimum of personal data (e.g. ip-address) primarily for technical reasons, the main purposes are protecting from malicious actions, giving you a smooth surfing experience, and supplying us with some basic technical statistics.


We use only one cookie, and that is “_cfduid” which is necessary because we use Cloudflare CDN services to optimize for visiting our pages from all over the world, and to give our web site some degree of protection from malicious activities (e.g. hacking) on the internet.

Here is what Cloudflare sais about this cookie:

The _cfduid cookie collects and anonymizes End User IP addresses using a one-way hash of certain values so they cannot be personally identified. The cookie is a session cookie that expires after 30 days.

The _cfduid cookie does NOT allow for cross-site tracking, follow users from site to site by merging various _cfduid identifiers into a profile, or correspond to any user ID in a Customer’s web application.

Generally, Cloudflare keeps user-level data (including the IP address of a requester) for less than 24 hours. There may be exceptions with IP addresses that have triggered security alerts.

Cloudflare has no control over how long a Customer may store downloaded Cloudflare Logs in their networks. Regarding any information that may live in cached content on our edge servers, our Customers control what data should be cached and for how long.

Links to external web pages.

Our web pages contain links to other web sites that most probably use cookies, but that is outside of our control. For instance when you click the Donate button you are forwarded to PayPal’s site which uses two handfulls of cookies.

IP address.

Our web site automatically collect your ip-address for technical purposes, e.g. to protect our web site from hostile activities. The collected ip-addresses are automatically deleted after 3 months.

Visiting our web pages.

You visit our web pages through an encrypted communication channel (https / ssl / tls), which means that the content of this communication cannot be evesdropped during its way through the internet.


When you send an email to our email address we get a lot of personal data, e.g. your name, email address, and all the content of the message. By sending us an email you accept that we see and use this information.

Last updated July 22, 2020

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