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Our website address is: (alias

Our website automatically collect an absolute minimum of personal data (e.g. ip-address) primarily for technical reasons, the main purposes are protecting from malicious actions, giving you a smooth surfing experience, and supplying us with some basic technical statistics.


We do not use cookies.

However, our web pages contain links to other websites that most probably use cookies, but that is outside of our control. For instance when you click the Donate button you are forwarded to PayPal’s site which uses more than a handfull of cookies.


We do not use Google Analytics or any other stats analytics.

IP address

Our website automatically collect your ip-address for technical purposes, e.g. to protect our web site from hostile activities. The collected ip-addresses are automatically anonymized except when trying to log in to a user account. All ip-addresses are automatically deleted after 3 months.

Visiting our web pages

You visit our web pages through an encrypted communication channel (https), which means that the transmitted information is protected against evesdropping during its way through the internet.


When you send an email to our email address we get a lot of personal data, e.g. your name, email address, and all the content of the message. By sending us an email you accept that we see and use this information.

Last updated December 11, 2023

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